This guide will have the best runs stoppers in Madden 20 from all playbooks. This guide will help you stop the run, pass and set up a gread redzone and goaline defense. 

All plays found in New York Jets defensive playbook or New York Giants , Chicago defense
 Triple defense, 34 odd, Nickle 335 , 46 cub
are the defense I use to stop shtogun runs such as the inside zones. Use these set ups vs 3 wr sets and higher. 
In Madden 20 you have to mix up the defenses and use a specific defense to match the sets your opponent is coming out in. If you come out in a passing formation you might not be able to stop a running formation. Be smart on your choices. 34 odd defense is hybrid can be used in both in certain occassions. 
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335 Defense 
Tampa 2 
Base align 
Blitz all lbs 
Press Defense until all lbs are in gaps

34 run defense update
Watch video for details

34  defense Storm Brave 1
New Blitz concept
Best use on passing down
passing formations

Can be used to stop the run 

Pinch Defensive line
Pinch linebackers
reblitz linebackers

46 cub defense
Sam Blitz 2

Blitz Line backers 
Press Defense

Triple Nikle defense

Hot Blitz 

Press defense